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$89,863 or 193,010...
the choice is yours!


If your retirement plan was worth $100,000 in the year 2000 and by 2010 it was down to $89,863 you’re not alone.  If this trend continues, and leading experts believe it will, how are you ever going to retire?  Is there a better way?  You be the judge!


Hi, I’m Duane Myers, RFC® Retirement Coach and Advisor, a local practicing financial professional for over 35 years and I’d like to share with you a TAX FREE alternative to traditional retirement plans that would have safely and consistently grown your account value to over $193,000 during this same time frame, completely free of Federal, State and even Capital Gains tax.  Imagine $193,000 tax free vs. $89,863 taxableIn addition, back-testing illustrates this better way had a gross average rolling rate of return of over 9% for the past 24 years without a single loss of principal in any year.


So, who is offering this “better way”?   Some of the World’s leading AA rated financial institutions have worked diligently to perfect this concept over the past 3 decades to create the finest wealth creation vehicle in America today!


To learn how to safely, legally & consistently grow your money and be able to access it completely free of Federal, State and even capital gains tax, and to receive a free copy of the National Best Selling book “Tax Free Retirement”, which explains these concepts in detail, click here:  Contact Us or call 800-287-1368. 


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