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“Duane Myers has been our financial advisor for the last 6 years.  He is knowledgeable, dedicated, honest and sincere.  Because of his guidance our portfolio has never had a downside; in fact he has been able to grow it each and every year.

He recently set up a tax-free wealth accumulation strategy for our son and his wife, to not only enhance their retirement, but also to provide college funding for their children when they reach college age.”

Dennis & Sallie J.

Howell, Michigan

“Our family has the utmost respect for Duane Myers, for his knowledge of the financial world, for his kindness and understanding, and his help in time of great need.   When Chuck’s mother became seriously ill and we turned to him for guidance he was there every step of the way.  His knowledge of the laws enabled us to protect her assets.  It is hard to put into words our gratitude and appreciation.  We would have been lost without him.

Now he has taken us under his wing and is doing the same thing for us. Not only is he our financial consultant, but also a friend.  Most recently he has taken the time to help our daughter implement a safe wealth accumulation strategy that will provide her with tax free income at retirement.  Thank you Duane from the bottom of our hearts.”

Chuck & Pat R.

Owosso, MI 

“Based on his knowledge and many years of experience it is with the utmost confidence that I engaged Duane Myers as my financial advisor.  Over the past several months he has formulated a sound financial strategy that I am confident will provide me with complete peace of mind to retirement and beyond.  I am no longer worried about another market downturn that so adversely affected my retirement plans in past years, and by the way, Duane is now working with my son and his wife helping them set up a tax free wealth accumulation plan that will not only insure their retirement but also provide college funds for future children. To guarantee your prosperity and financial future, talk to Duane Myers.”

Respectfully submitted, 

Brenda B.

Madison Heights, MI

“My husband Don and I attended a seminar in Brighton, Michigan sponsored by Duane Myers several years ago. Shortly thereafter I became a client.  I was, and continue to be impressed with his knowledge and ability.  I know of no other advisor who spends as much time and energy educating himself on the latest economic trends and investment strategies to benefit his clients, as Duane does.  He is always looking out for his clients and helps them personalize their portfolios to meet their needs.  During the recent economic downturns I was so grateful to Duane for helping me retain my investments without loss while my friends were losing money right and left in the stock market and other unstable investments.”

Betty J H-H.

Wisconsin Dells, WI


“We originally met Duane Myers at a dinner seminar several years ago.  He was the featured speaker.  My wife and I had attended several of these events, and as a result, we had a good idea what we should be doing about our finances, but never had enough confidence in any of the advisors until we met Duane.  We found him to be knowledgeable, honest and friendly, so we had him re-do much of our portfolio into more profitable and secure products.   As a result of his efforts our portfolio has grown every year since we met him.  We would highly recommend Duane as a financial planner”


Jim & Barbara T.

Flushing, Michigan



“My wife and I met Duane and his wife Renate about 5 years ago at a dinner seminar sponsored by him.  We received a postcard in the mail, saw the invitation for a free meal, and said why not!  The seminar was far more beneficial than the meal.

                We made an appointment with him and he came to our home, reviewed our financial dealings, and made suggestions on how to grow our investments.  He also organized all our important documents into two ringed binders.  We are now organized.  Thanks Duane!

                He set up a multi-generations plan for our grandchildren.  They will be receiving monthly checks from us long after we are gone.

                The investments he recommended continue to grow, even in this poor economy.  We have been very satisfied with his guidance and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a skilled, honest, hardworking and caring financial advisor.

                Duane T. Myers is a good choice”.




Ronald & Patricia W.

Flushing, Michigan



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