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Duane T. Myers, RFC

Retirement Coach and Advisor


Duane began his career in the financial services industry in 1970.  He has taught estate planning, asset protection, wealth creation and accumulation strategies, at both the adult education and university levels.  He is a member of a unique and rapidly growing nationwide group of advisors known as "safe-money" practitioners who specialize in financial vehicles that provide a large portion of the upside of the "market", while totally eliminating downside risk to principal, due to stock market declines. 

Duane also conducts periodic Senior Financial Survival Workshops for Senior Education Centers of America, a non-profit educational foundation, where he demonstrates proven (no cost) solutions to the two greatest fears facing today’s retirees  (1) potential financial devastation by the cost of long term care and (2) outliving their assets.  He remains on the cutting edge of his profession by devoting in excess of 100 hours per year to continuing education and financial product research.  He is committed to helping his clients achieve their financial goals by providing them with “safe-money” solutions to today’s financial challenges.  Duane has resided in Michigan with his family for over 50 years.


Professional Affiliations

Duane is an Associate Member of the Ohio State Bar Association (non-lawyer) and a member of the Elder Law Committee.  He is a member of the National Ethics Bureau and The Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce.


Registered Financial Consultant®

In 1991 Duane was awarded the Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) ® designation by the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC).  To qualify for the RFC ® designation an applicant must have a minimum of four years experience as a full time practitioner in the field of financial planning and must have earned a baccalaureate or graduate degree with strong emphasis on subjects relating to economics, accounting, business, statistics, finance and similar studies or have one or more of the following degrees or professional designations: CPA, CLU, ChFC, LLB, JD, CFP, EA, RHU or complete CFP equivalent college or university.  In order to maintain the designation all members must agree to complete a minimum of 40 hours per year of continuing education in the field of personal finance and professional practice management.


Duane is licensed to practice in the following states:

·         Michigan

·         Ohio

·         Illinois

·         Florida


Professional References

International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IAFRC) (800) 532-9060 –

The Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce
(810) 227-5086 –

The National Ethics Association (800) 282-1831 –



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